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IVP creates custom lawn sprinkler systems in Toronto, for garden or residential and commercial projects. Additionally, we offer irrigation supplies, sprinkler repairs, sprinkler winterization and spring preparation, irrigation system upgrades, drip irrigation and more. All of this with your best interest in mind and the highest quality service.

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    A sprinkler system is similar to how rain falls. The water is properly distributed to the lawn via sprinklers that are installed by our team of professionals. The water gets into the sprinkler through valves, pumps and pipes. Timed and prepped every day, your lawn will be sure to see a transformation. Our Irrigation Vaughan Pros team is highly skilled and has been thoroughly trained. So whether you are getting an irrigation solution in Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA, you are getting the absolute bang for your buck by getting lawn sprinklers in Toronto installed.

    There are a variety of different types of sprinkler systems all designed for different needs. The type of sprinkler you need depends on the size of land and the water pressure needed to transform the lawn to perfection. Lucky for you, our IVP team will always deliver the best results by taking you through a step-by-step process and showing you exactly what needs to be done.

    Irrigation is a word used for controlled water and contributes to growing crops on farms, watering large landscapes or residential homes, and so much more. Also, it helps cut costs on water bills and makes sure you do not over-water your lawn or crops. It is a perfectly timed system that takes no actual manual labour on your end. Irrigation systems are the backbone to watering your lawn (or farm) impeccably. Irrigation systems water your lawn at peak times when not everyone is able to water them. They produce high quality results and maintain moisture on your lawn without over-watering. It is the best way to ensure your lawn stays hydrated and does not get over-watered.

    At IVP we offer sprinkler solutions, providing the right amount of water to your lawn at peak times in the day/night. Sit back and relax and let the system do the work for you. It is a very convenient and cost-efficient alternative to manually watering your lawn or large area of grass. Irrigation allows for the perfect plant growth and lawn excellence.

    There are a variety of possible irrigation systems in Toronto and the GTA:

    Furrow Systems: which guide the water down a slope in a straight or slightly curved line to follow the natural, flow line of the land. (For crops on a farm).

    Flood or Border Check Systems: which are similar to furrow systems, however, differ because they have a border guiding the water flow.

    Level Basin Systems: in which water is simply applied fast and at high volumes.

    Center Pivot Sprinkler Systems: which means a sprinkler, that is self-propelled and has towers surrounding it pumping water from the towers into the single self-propelled sprinkler. Each tower is two – four meters away from the single sprinkler.

    Hand Move Sprinkler Systems: These are made for smaller areas and can move around. Not sanctioned to one part of the area.

    Solid Set/Fixed Irrigation Systems: are simply sanctioned to the ground and cannot move from the set position.

    Traveling Gun Irrigation Systems: can travel via wheel or trailer to deliver water.

    Side-roll Wheel Move Systems: are large wheels that are mounted onto a pipeline to deliver water across the field.

    Linear or Lateral Move Systems: is what moves in a straight and rectangular path across field.

    Low-Flow Irrigation Systems: (drip and tackle) mean they are sanctioned below soil surface for slow applications of water to be distributed.

    Irrigation Vaughan Pros can make all of it happen for you! Contact us now to get your free quote.

    IVP handles all types of sprinkler installations in Toronto. We offer great quality service and a team of highly trained and skilled professionals. Here at IVP we do not settle for anything less than the best. We guarantee quality service. If your old system has broken down or deteriorated over time, we would be happy to repair/replace it. Whatever your need is, we can handle it. We know our system like the back of our hand and will install the perfect lawn sprinkler for your needs.

    First, we will examine your lawn. Next, we will pick perfect lawn sprinklers Toronto solution. Once you decide whether you would like the particular system we chose, we will install it. We will handle the measuring, running pipes, correct pressure gauges and control panel on the sprinkler system. All of our sprinklers come fully loaded and are ready to use after installation.

    Our lawn sprinklers in Toronto are designed to meet the specific needs of each lawn. Depending on the size of land and what needs to be done, the sprinkler chosen for your lawn (or farm/business) will be uniquely built out for you. Our team of professionals will take you through a step-by-step process and explain all of it to you before installation. You will approve the sprinkler head and then you can sit back and relax and let the sprinkler do the work for you.

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    We are capable of almost anything when it comes to irrigation systems
    Sprinkler Systems

    Sprinkler Systems

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    Sprinkler Repair and Service

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    Sprinkler Winterization

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    Irrigation System Upgrade

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    Drip Irrigation

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    Irrigation Supplies

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    Why choose Irrigation Vaughan Pros

    Quality of work: you can always expect high quality service and installations from our team of irrigation experts, however big or small the job is!

    Pricing: our prices are very competitive and we strive to keep any irrigation needs affordable.

    Flexibility: however complex the job might be, we will make sure that it will be completed according to your standards.

    Timeline: when we give you a target day of when the task will be completed, you can bet we will stick to it.

    We love working out of the best city in the world, Toronto. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to request a free quote for any irrigation needs you might have.

    Having a professional install your sprinkler is crucial in receiving the best results. It is the best way to achieve the lawn of your dreams and it is one investment that is worth making. Choosing a contractor you trust and is right for the job is a tough decision to make. You need a contractor that is experienced and dedicated. One that is willing to listen to your needs and follow through with exactly what they are promising.

    At IVP, we understand your needs and cover a Greater Toronto Irrigation service area. Among others we provide irrigation and sprinkler services in Brampton, Caledon, North York, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and of course Vaughan. We ensure all of our professional contractors are well trained and will provide the service you require for your perfect lawn sprinklers in Toronto. We will not settle for anything subpar, we strive for excellence, because our clients are the most important to us. Our contractors are organized, timely and highly trained. The job will never go unfinished and we have a full staff that you can trust with your irrigation needs. See what we can do for you by requesting your free quote with us today.

    IVP works with homeowners to achieve the lawn of their dreams. We here at IVP want to make sure every homeowner is satisfied with the results and get exactly what they have been longing for; a picture perfect lawn. We carefully examine the lawn, choose the right sprinkler, install it, and make sure it is set to peak times.

    Our Toronto sprinklers can come equipped with Wi-Fi so that the homeowner may monitor their lawn and ensure it is up to their standards. Being able to turn it on or off with the click of a button on their smart phone from anywhere in the world. Our company does all the work while the homeowner sits back and sees their lawn dreams become a reality.

    Commercial irrigation includes schools, sports fields, apartment or condominium complexes and so much more! Commercial irrigation means covering masses of land greater than residential irrigation. IVP has the tools and systems to cover almost any size of land.

    We encourage businesses to try commercial irrigation in Toronto, because we know how busy things can get and this is one cost efficient investment your company needs to make if you’re seeking a presentable lawn. Our automatic sprinkler systems in Toronto do all the work for you! We have high quality products at even higher quality prices.

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