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Irrigation Vaughan Pros is your ultimate destination for top-notch sprinkler systems in Vaughan. We’re more than just an ordinary sprinkler company. We’re your friendly neighbourhood team dedicated to keeping your lawn green, flourishing, and looking its absolute best, all year round.

Our mission is to provide Vaughan and its surrounding areas with irrigation services that are affordable, efficient, and sustainable. Every lawn deserves the best care, and we’re here to deliver. Give us a call or fill out our free quote form. We would love to help you make your dream garden or project a reality!

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    About Irrigation Vaughan Pros

    We are IVP, a trusted, local, irrigation system company based in the heart of Vaughan. Our company was born out of a passion for transforming dry, dull lawns into lush landscapes that our clients are proud to show off. Through top-notch irrigation systems, dedicated service, and unwavering commitment to our customers, we strive to make a visible difference in the communities we serve. Irrigation Vaughan Pros is the one-stop solution for everything irrigation.

    We proudly offer our installation, repair, and maintenance irrigation services throughout Vaughan and surrounding areas. We’re the company that’s always ready to assist you, whether it’s for an irrigation system or landscape lighting. Our mission is to make sure that the lawns in our service areas are always at their greenest, and we achieve this by consistently delivering high-quality, reliable service.

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    Sprinkler System Installation in Vaughan


    When it comes to residential sprinkler systems, we offer premier services tailored to your home’s unique needs. Whether it’s a compact lawn or a sprawling green space, our expert irrigation installation team can handle it all.

    We use modern irrigation systems that help you maintain a beautiful, green lawn while saving time, water, and effort. Our goal is to make irrigation easy and worry-free, so you get to enjoy the benefits of a lush green lawn, minus the bother.


    For commercial properties, a well-maintained, green lawn can make all the difference, and our irrigation systems are just the ticket. Our company provides end-to-end irrigation services, from the initial installation to routine maintenance, to ensure your business property always looks top-notch.

    As a trusted sprinkler system contractor in Vaughan, we understand the importance of a reliable, efficient commercial sprinkler system in maintaining the curb appeal of your business. First impressions count, and a lush, well-irrigated lawn speaks volumes about your company’s attention to detail.

    Give us a call if you would like to book an appointment or have any questions about residential or commercial sprinkler system installation.

    Sprinkler System Repairs and Maintenance

    At Irrigation Vaughan Pros, we do more than just install sprinkler systems. We offer an all-round service for lawn sprinkler repair and maintenance. Whether it’s a small problem or a major renovation, we’ve got you covered.

    Trust us to maintain your sprinkler system’s efficiency and longevity with our expert repair and maintenance. Regular service from IVP ensures the optimal performance of your irrigation system and prevents unnecessary wear and tear.

    CALL NOW: 289-217-4919
<h2 style="color:#FFFFFF">Our Services</h2>

    Our Services

    We are capable of almost anything when it comes to irrigation systems


    Any sprinkler system installation is within our capabilities. We will provide you the best possible solution.

    Repairs and Maintenance

    Is your current irrigation system in need of repairs, replacements or service? Find out how we can help you out!


    Protect your system from freezing. We can assist in preparing your system for the cold Canadian winters.

    Spring Start-up

    Our technicians will prepare and inspect your system for use in the warm season. Ensuring the system's integrity and settings.

    Drip Irrigation System

    We also provide drip irrigation systems for any of your projects, giving you the exact irrigation requirements on a micro level.

    Landscape Lighting

    We install LED Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Lighting Systems, allowing you to show of your property and landscape.
<h4>Why choose Irrigation Vaughan Pros</h4>

    Why choose Irrigation Vaughan Pros

    Quality of work: you can always expect high quality service and installations from our team of irrigation experts, however big or small the job is!
    Pricing: our prices are very competitive and we strive to keep any irrigation needs affordable.
    Flexibility: however complex the job might be, we will make sure that it will be completed according to your standards.
    Timeline: when we give you a target day of when the task will be completed, you can bet we will stick to it.
    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to request a free quote for any irrigation needs you might have.

    Our Additional Irrigation Services in Vaughan

    Spring Start-up

    Our spring start-up service gets your sprinklers ready to keep your lawn green and vibrant through the warmer months. Trust us to provide the best care for your lawn sprinkler systems with our comprehensive spring start-up service. We’ll ensure everything is in tip-top shape, ready for the growing season.


    When the chill of winter is on the horizon, your irrigation system needs to be prepared for the freezing temperatures. Our winterization services ensure your irrigation system is properly shut down to prevent damage from freezing and expanding water.

    Safeguard your sprinkler system with our expert winterization services, as preventing damage is more effective than repairing it.

    Drip Irrigation System

    Looking for an efficient and precise way to hydrate your green spaces? Our drip irrigation system could be the answer. Drip irrigation is a method of delivering water straight to your plant roots, conserving water and money while making certain your lawn and garden remain green and thriving.

    If you have any questions about our irrigation services, or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call.

    Landscape Lighting Installation for your Lawn and Property

    Enhance your lawn and property’s beauty after the sun goes down with our landscape lighting installation services.

    We offer installation of high-quality LED lighting that illuminates your landscape and creates a magical nighttime atmosphere. Be it LED lights for your pathway or landscape lighting to accentuate your property’s features, we’ve got it all covered.

    Let us help you illuminate your lawn and property with our bespoke landscape lighting services. Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces, with our landscape lighting, and enjoy the serene ambiance we can help create.

    In need of landscape lighting? Give us a call.

    Contact Irrigation Vaughan Pros to Enhance Your Lawn and Property

    Are you looking to elevate your lawn’s appearance? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we can set up a superior lawn irrigation system tailored to your needs.

    For premium irrigation systems in Vaughan, you can count on Irrigation Vaughan Pros. We’re your local, trustworthy option for effective lawn care.

    At the end of the day, a neat, well-maintained green lawn is not just appealing – it showcases your dedication to your property.

    Call us today to book an appointment or if you have any questions about our services or irrigation systems in general.

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