Drip Irrigation System

If you’re looking for a way for your plant life to soak up all of the nutrients it can while using less water, a drip irrigation system at IVP might be the right solution for you. Not only are you getting the highest quality of products when you choose to purchase any of our sprinkler systems at IVP, but we also offer a wide variety of products as well.

Drip irrigation is a special watering system that waters the lawn slowly by dripping water to the roots of plants. This could be above ground or below surface. It is a process that saves water and allows for the roots to directly grasp the water. Ideally, the water is directly placed onto the root for maximum results. It is extra hydrated using less but receiving higher results. This type of sprinkler system differs from standard above ground sprinklers that you are used to seeing. It’s designed to be more efficient and environmentally conscious by using less to gain more.

What we do is carefully install the drip system directly to the plant roots. Our staff is trained extensively and has installed many drip systems. We understand the type of lawns that should and should not use a drip system. To install, we make sure the water pressure is perfect and the pump along with the valves are all in place. Next, we take a look at the water filter.

The water filter is used to remove any dirt or sand for impeccable results when watering the plants. It is important that the filter is very clean, or else it can contaminate the roots the water is watering, at Irrigation Vaughan Pros we’ll make sure to properly install it and instruct you how to keep it clean (or you can of course give us a call to do this for you). Last, we ensure the emitting device is small enough for the specific root to minimize the chance of evaporation.

Our drip system can be controlled via controller similar to the ones used to control the many other sprinkler types we install. Everything can be controlled via a Wi-Fi compliant device that you can use anywhere.

There are many advantages of a drip irrigation system. For starters, the drip system allows for just the right amount of moisture with no overwatering. The plants will always be hydrated. This is possible to achieve for both large and small areas.

The drip system in fact minimizes the chance of soil erosion occurring. The drip system operates at lower water pressures, which is cost efficient. Due to the sanctioned nozzles used to distribute the water, it lowers the growth of weeds. Water is controlled and labour costs are set to a minimum.

If you are interested in knowing more about the drip irrigation system or have any other general inquiries, you can call us anytime. We would love to hear from you. Our staff is always interested in answering questions and helping out our customers no matter what. They can walk you through answering the question of whether a drip irrigation system is right for your lawn or that another solution would better suit your needs.


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