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Providing our sprinkler systems in Richmond Hill as well as all around the GTA, we are able to provide you with your commercial or residential irrigation solution. All you have to do is make the call or fill out the quote form today. We will follow up with you and book your appointment and show you what a lawn is really supposed to look like.

It is our company’s core purpose to provide the best service possible to our valued customers, no matter what. All we want is to see the satisfaction from our customers. We design custom sprinkler systems that match the lawn, garden, commercial estate or field perfectly. Each sprinkler system we install is carefully chosen to fit the selected lawn.

We will always make sure you are properly informed so together we can find the best solution for your project. All of our sprinkler systems are made to last, we also provide upgrades and repairs to all products and systems, whether we built them ourselves or not. Our highly skilled and educated staff installs every system, your system will run effortlessly and you will be able to see results fast.

IVP provides Richmond Hill sprinklers to one of Canada’s most popular towns and we are nothing but proud to be providing our services in such a wonderful place. Richmond Hill is home to over 200,000 people. It is a town that is enriched with parks and recreational services allowing for a great community atmosphere. Richmond Hill was even rewarded the National Communities in Bloom award back in 2003 with a honourable mention of the town’s developed flower displays.

With the population growth in Richmond Hill, it is no surprise why there is a rise in the need for irrigation systems all over. Richmond Hill has both a business community and rural housing units. IVP provides services to homes and large masses of land including farmland, condominium buildings, commercial projects and sports fields. Every Richmond Hill sprinkler system we install is custom made to suit the lawn it is going in. We offer drip irrigation systems and above ground sprinkler systems.

The size of the land will ultimately determine the type of system. This will also determine the peak times to pre-set the system so that it will automatically turn on and off. What is really convenient about our sprinkler systems is that they are all Wi-Fi compatible can be operated from anywhere you are in the world just as long as you have your smartphone with you with an internet connection.

We can also provide our sprinklers with weather sensors so that if it rains, it will not overwater your lawn. We made everything very convenient and easy to use so that you do not have to worry about your lawn. Let us take care of everything for you so that you can be stress free when thinking about your lawn care.

Furthermore, IVP also offers upgrades and repairs for existing systems, whether they are created by us or someone else. Which means you don’t have to go looking for a separate source to repair your system. We do everything for you if in the case the system is not working properly. It is easy to contact us, you can reach us via phone or fill out the inquiry form and we will get back to you right away.

We also offer sprinkler winterization in Richmond Hill, this process is highly important as everyone knows how bad winters can get here in Ontario. The winterization of your sprinkler system will prolong its lifespan and will prevent it from damage by frozen water left in the system. Taking proper care of the system will allow it to last far longer without issues.

Here at IVP, our staff will guide you through the entire sprinkler system installation process during the consultation and installation process. We take time to teach you just how our systems work and make you feel secure in our systems and process.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us or fill out our contact form today!

Irrigation in Richmond Hill Ontario

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