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Your Premier Choice for Sprinkler Systems in North York

If you need irrigation systems in North York, we at IVP can provide this for you. We are a full service and all-purpose sprinkler system installation service. No matter where you are in North York, we’ve got you covered for everything sprinkler and irrigation related. Offering you irrigation in North York including installation, upgrades, repairs and so much more.

Our Unique, Top-Notch Sprinkler Solutions

Our irrigation system can come fully equipped with Wi-Fi and are ready to use the moment we install them. We give you a custom look and design that is modelled perfectly to suit your lawn.

We offer above ground irrigation systems as well as drip irrigation. Whatever you need, we have got you covered.

Experience a High-Quality Lawn Irrigation System in North York

Providing custom lawn sprinkler systems perfectly suitable to handle all types of weather conditions, no matter how unpredictable Canadian weather is throughout all seasons out of the year. Our irrigation solution will be ready to withstand anything and with our team of highly skilled and trained staff, you are looking at an irrigation system built to last. We strive to deliver the absolute finest and highest quality products, installed whilst providing great service.

At IVP, we provide irrigation in North York as well. Travelling to you, consultations and appointments can be made in the comfort of your own home for your own convenience. Our company understands the need for excellent service and are more than willing to come to you wherever you are in North York. Our main purpose is to install a lawn irrigation system with the capability to last for years to come.

Providing our service to residents living in North York and surrounding areas, means we here at IVP are accommodating you. Our number one priority is to ensure that you are fully satisfied will all services we offer and making sure you are enjoying your high quality irrigation system. The services we provide in North York are:

Working in and around the North York area, including areas surrounding Yorkdale Shopping Centre. We provide our sprinkler installation services to places as far as the Aga Khan Museum on Wynford Drive neighbourhood to Black Creek Pioneer Village, the Ontario Science Centre and the Jane and Finch area. North York is home to over six hundred thousand Canadians. From parks to shopping, North York has a lot to be excited about, therefore IVP is representing this area as well as a provider of sprinklers and irrigation systems.

Commercial and Residential Sprinklers, Tailored to Your Needs

We are just one phone call away from providing you with a commercial or residential irrigation design. No matter how big or small, our team can create a custom sprinkler perfect for your situation. There is no such thing as an impossible job and our team of skilled professionals will provide you excellent service and a custom sprinkler solution.

Anywhere you are in the North York area, our team will come to you and install your sprinkler. Our team will walk you through everything. From choosing the right service for your lawn; either above ground sprinkler or drip system, to choosing the right times to pre-set your sprinkler at, our professionals will handle everything.

The great thing about our irrigation systems is the technology behind them. Our smart irrigation solutions easily adapt to any weather condition with the built-in upgrades that can come with the systems. When it is raining outside, your system could automatically turn off via sensors. If you think there is enough water on the ground and your lawn does not need to be watered, you can turn off the sprinkler system from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi. It is so easy and so convenient to handle our irrigation system. We do the dirty work, all you have to do is sit back and let the sprinklers do their thing. Don’t hesitate and contact IVP.

Landscape Lighting in North York: Enhancing Your Outdoors with LED Lights

Why limit the enjoyment of your property to daylight hours? Our landscape lighting solutions help you enjoy your beautiful North York property even after the sun goes down. At IVP, we offer a range of LED lighting solutions that not only highlight the beauty of your landscape but also add an extra layer of security to your home.

We specialize in LED lights designed to withstand the Canadian weather, illuminating your garden with a warm, inviting glow. With an array of LED lights to choose from, we ensure you get the right lighting to accentuate the best features of your property. Experience the difference of lighting LED can make, illuminating your garden and turning it into a nighttime paradise.

We are known for our bespoke LED Lighting solutions, tailored to match your preferences and the specific needs of your landscape. Whether you want to create a soft, romantic ambiance or need brighter lights for security purposes, we’ve got you covered. Illuminate your home with our superior landscape lighting solutions and transform your property into a breathtaking night-time wonderland.

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