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IVP offers any and all irrigation installation services. You will never have to worry about a dry lawn again. We pride ourselves on giving you the great service and the proper solutions for your lawn. No matter how big the task, IVP has got you covered. We offer sprinkler system installation for commercial and residential properties.

Sprinkler Heads and Types Installation for a Green Lawn

IVP specializes in everything irrigation. We offer a wide range of lawn sprinklers to service any lawn. We take the time to examine each lawn we handle and pick the right sprinkler system, in order to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Sprinkler Heads

IVP specializes in everything irrigation. We offer a wide range of lawn sprinklers to service any lawn. We take the time to examine each lawn we handle and pick the right sprinkler system, in order to exceed the expectations of our clients. The types of sprinkler heads we offer are spray heads, rotors, rotary nozzles and rotators:

  • Spray Heads: These are the smallest types of sprinkler heads. This type of sprinkler head sprays water similar to how a fan works. They are spaced eighteen feet apart from one another.
  • Rotors: This type of sprinkler head means to rotate streams of water back and forth in a circular motion on your lawn. There are different types of rotors that all work at different speeds and volume. Depending on the land it needs to cover, we will determine the speed of the rotors.
  • Rotary Nozzles and Rotators: This type of sprinkler head is the miniature versions of rotors. They offer mist settings.

Sprinkler Types

There are different types of lawn sprinklers we offer for a variety of different lawns. They include pop-up spray sprinklers, impact sprinklers, and micro sprinklers:

  • Pop up Spray Sprinklers: This type of sprinkler stays in ground and sprays in one direction only. This is typically used in small areas.
  •  Impact Sprinklers: Are not sanctioned in the ground and can be moved around as the client feels necessary. They operate at lower water pressures.
  •  Micro Sprinklers: Sanctioned to own stake and operate at low water pressures. They work either overhead and/or at ground level.

If you contact IVP, we’ll make sure your sprinkler system installation is done right.

Custom Commercial and Residential Lawn Sprinkler System

At IVP no job is large enough, among others we are able to facilitate commercial, residential, sports fields. Whatever your project may be, let us help you create a custom sprinkler system installation for it.

We will inform you adequately, design it with you and build the perfect irrigation system for your project with all modern extras you would prefer, such as rain sensors and remote Wi-Fi activation and scheduling.

Give us a call or fill out the free quote form on the right and we will make sure your project gets done.

Residential Irrigation Systems

With proper tender love and care, your lawn can be transformed into your perfect lawn. We work closely with homeowners to make their dream lawn become a reality. Our team of highly skilled professionals will guide you through the entire process. They will offer advice in choosing the best lawn sprinklers for the job.

With quality systems and a highly trained staff of professionals to ensure our sprinkler system transforms your lawn to perfection. Our residential irrigation systems are the perfect way to maintain your lawn in busy summer months without actually having to do any manual work. We take care of everything for you so that your hands never have to get dirty and your lawns are never overwatered.

Our system will save you money and time. We offer pump systems and metered water systems:

  • Pump Systems: water is stored in the pump from a static water source (lake or pond). No additional costs.
  • Metered Water System: water is stored in systems like the utility department. Can also be tied into household water lines at additional water costs.

System Components include:

  • Shut off valve
  • Backflow preventer
  • Main Line
  • Sprinkler zone
  • Zone lines
  • Valves
  • Heads
  • Controller

Different Heads include:

  • Rotating: Comes equipped with interchangeable nozzles that may extend the reach of water stream
  • Fixed: Operates in a set pattern typically for smaller areas.

We will handle the entire installation process. The job will never go unfinished and we ensure that everything is properly installed. We carefully examine your entire lawn and will install the perfect sprinkler system for your lawn.

Not only will we take care of the installation process, but we will also take care of the irrigation design as well. Everyone on staff is highly trained in specific areas of the job.

Our team of technicians will design the sprinkler system solution for your lawn. If you are unhappy with the draft of the product in the detailed and outlined quote you will be provided with, you can suggest the changes you would like to suit your needs better. We will then come back with another quote including the price of the entire system. Therefore, you will never wonder about cost during the process, everything is transparent. Our company prides itself on being as authentic as possible.

If you have any other questions or general inquiries and would like to speak with one of our highly trained professionals, don’t hesitate to call us or email us. We encourage any and all questions and love to hear from our valued customers.

Commercial Irrigation Systems

Not only do we install lawn sprinklers, but we offer irrigation services to bigger land spaces and buildings as well. Our systems are designed to cover large areas of land including condominiums, apartment landscapes, sports fields, schools, etc. The bigger the land space, the better! We have dynamic systems that can handle almost any size.

Commercial sprinkler systems are larger than residential sprinkler systems and need more water to operate. We’ll make sure it can cover the entire area. Our systems are compact with timers and large sprinkler heads. The valves and sprinkler heads are much larger in comparison to lawn sprinklers and residential irrigation services. In order to create exceptional service, we use bigger pipes to carry the amount of water it takes to perfectly water the large area. We will carefully examine the area and make sure the timer is properly developed and set at peak times of the day and night to water this land.

We build our solution based around the size of the commercial land and match it to suit our clients’ needs and preferences. The benefits of commercial irrigation include:

  • Timed sprinkler at peak times even if the building is vacant for a certain amount of time. This ensures the quality of lawn is maintained.
  • Reduce the chance of overwatering on properties that have sports fields or gardens.
  • No manual labour needed to create a flawless looking lawn. Everything is even, and well maintained. It covers all area of the grass.
  • Cut down on water bills, because the amount of water being used is regulated. It is better for the environment and the company’s pocket.

IVP's Commercial and Residential Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation Services

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Our services aren’t limited to just residential sprinkler system installation, we also offer sprinkler system winterization and spring start-up services,repairs and maintenance, landscape lighting installation and drip irrigation for commercial and residential properties.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about any of our services.

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