Sprinkler Winterization

In Canada, the weather is pretty unpredictable. It could be snowing in April, and forty degrees Celsius in September, then hailing the next day. We have had to learn to be accustomed to all types of surprises. At IVP, we ensure proper winterization and spring so that the irrigation tools used and needed are protected.

Winterization is an essential part of the maintenance of your sprinkler system. In order for it to run without issues throughout the many years it lasts, it is crucial to consider the winterization of the system. When you hire us to install your irrigation system, one of our staff members will inform you about this process. They will go through the entire process and explain to you just how important it is, so that you can make an informed decision on when you would like to have this done.

In order to ensure the highest quality of our product, the winterization of the sprinkler system is pertinent. The way it works is that we remove any excess water that could potentially freeze and cause damage to your system. This is a common problem with a lot of systems if it is not properly winterized. IVP will handle this all for you entirely so that you never have to experience freezing pipes and valves.

Our team is highly skilled and knows exactly what to do in the case of more extreme weather. We use a compressor tool that blows out the water completely. Combining the right amount of pressure and volume to remove every drop of water before it damages your sprinkler system.

It is extremely important to anticipate the problem before it even begins, fixing a non-winterized system can be a pretty hefty cost. Rather than waiting for the problem to start, you might as well get your systems completely winterized. It is easy for us to schedule and to do for you, and will save you a headache later.

Of course, we offer the high quality of products, but with the unpredictability of the weather, it is up to us at Irrigation Vaughan to ensure that you are properly educated about this process for your irrigation system. IVP has got you covered, you will not have to worry about a thing.

IVP offers high quality products and excellent service. Our customers are our top priority and we want nothing more than you, the customer, to be satisfied with the entire system. Our products last to the longest with winterization, in order to withstand the Canadian weather.

Spring preparation

IVP can also make sure that your system runs smoothly again after the winter. Our team can do a checkup for you, in order to prepare it for use and resolve any potential issues that might have occurred during the Canadian winter months.

Our staff will run this all by you at installation or at request. For any other questions and inquiries surrounding the winterization of our products, don’t hesitate to ask by calling us today.


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